Refund simulation

Dear friends,

On the basis of the following simulation you can see what are estimated incomes from refund from card turnovers. It works like this: you get POINTS for turnovers, then you get shares in NFD for the points and the shares create a permanent income for you; this income comes from NFD real estates rentals.

Results of refunds are not exact (with the possible deviation of approx 20%). The amount of refund is not guaranteed. Distribution of profit shares from which the refund is paid is guaranteed. Simulation of refund at average turnovers higher than USD 1,000.00/month could show bigger differences. The results of first refund can be seen in approx. 6 months. From the start, the refund is minimum, which is all right as the growth is gradual.

Enter your possible average card turnover in USD here:

Total average cost related to the card varies and the annual average is (account administration, transfers, fees): approx. 3% of your card turnover.

The table shows an example of estimated refund at the turnover you have chosen. These examples show monthly refund in five model examples if you started to withdraw your refunds in the same year.
Amount of your monthly refund after (number of months) Refund
2 years 12 USD/month
4 years 45 USD/month
8 years 296 USD/month
10 years 693 USD/month

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